The Meru Oaks Foundation has corporate partnerships with a variety of organizations, all working to make a significant difference.


Partnering with The Meru Oaks Foundation can have a positive impact on your business strategies

A strategic partnership with The Meru Oaks Foundation can and will deliver results. This includes the acquisition of new customers and/or an increase in sales for partner companies. Our successful collaborations are as a result of understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of every partner. We recognize that every organization has its own strategic objectives, markets, audiences, and visions for the future. Our partnerships start with exploring common ground and developing innovative initiatives that work for everyone, your company, The Meru Oaks Foundation, your customers, and our supporters.

We tailor our partnerships to meet your goals and to create engaging activities that are easy to implement. 

Here's how partnering with us can help your business:

  • Build awareness for your business and brand

Partnering with The Meru Oaks Foundation will create a link between your business and the charity, and that link furthers awareness for both organizations. To get the most of this publicity, make note of your charitable donations on your website and we, as your charity partner, will recognize your support on our website as well. You can also mention your charitable donations on advertisements and other marketing materials to inform consumers and further connect your business to The Meru Oaks Foundation.

  • Marketing for your business

If you decide a portion of products or services your business sells will go to supporting us, we will help you market those products. The Meru Oaks Foundation will amplify your business’s marketing campaigns, including promotions for your products or services. This is an easy, cost effective way, especially for small businesses to get their name out there and take advantage of our organization’s existing infrastructure to boost their own marketing efforts.

  • Target customers in your niche

It’s important to partner with the right charity. Most small businesses find it more valuable to partner with a charity whose members include their niche customers than simply choosing the largest charity in town. Brand alignment with The Meru Oaks Foundation as a partner is important for your brand because you may find it easier to reach your target customers who are socially and environmentally conscious.

  • Unlocking new networking opportunities

Charitable projects and events offer numerous networking opportunities. Partnering with us gives small businesses access to new contacts and opens the door to meeting potential business partners and customers. Depending on your community and type of business, charitable networking could connect you to business partners that eventually account for a sizable chunk of your business

  • It helps others

Of course, partnering with a charity like The Meru Oaks Foundation touches lives and helps bring positive change to individuals, the community and the whole world. Small businesses give back to their communities through their day-to-day business, but The Meru Oaks Foundation helps businesses to specifically target and help causes they care about. But don’t think this is all your charitable partnership will accomplish— we understand the practical reasons businesses get involved with charities and we will do everything we can to create a return on your investment. Lend a hand up, not a hand out.