Knowledge and technology transfer for sustainable industry, innovation and advancement

Who We Are

We are part of the Meru Oaks technology, science and knowledge network that works to create sustainable human advancement by leveraging science and technology for  innovation and sustainable, thriving industry.

Our foundation works to elevate and contribute to Meru Oaks’ global movement of people working together to end suffering, injustice and destruction by emphasizing on knowledge and technology as sustainable and practical tools for innovation and self-reliance.

Our initiative aspires to achieve its missions guided by a vision of human advancement and achievement through compassion, awareness, cooperation and non-partisanship. 


Our Mission

The Meru Oaks Network aims to contribute to and accelerate the advancement and well-being of all life by leveraging science, knowledge and sustainable technologies for sustainable industry and innovation.

To achieve our mission, we have identified key areas of work that will create practical and sustainable solutions by addressing the root of the problems. In addition to basic needs and infrastructure, we provide the tools to help individuals and communities be self-sufficient

Our Philosophy & Perspectives

The concept of sustainable development addresses the socio economic development of every human being. Sustainable development encompasses a broad spectrum of economic, ecological, political, technological and social issues, including energy, water, mineral resources, climate, urban congestion, population, pollution, industrialization, technological development, public policy, health, education, and employment. Successful long-term sustainability considers the role of all forms of capital—natural, biological, social, technological, financial, cultural—and the complex ways in which they interact. All forms of capital derive their value, utility and application from human mental awareness, creativity and social innovation. This makes human capital, including social capital, the central determinant of resource productivity and long-term sustainability. 

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