Knowledge and technology transfer for sustainable industry, innovation and advancement

Practical & Sustainable Solutions

We are a catalyst for transformation and advancement that tackles socio-economic challenges by deploying basic needs, knowledge, scientific and technological developments to demographics that need them the most and contributing to the collective shaping of attitudes needed to advance global prosperity and justice.

We believe in a global transformative story built on  knowledge, technology and human ingenuity and compassion as a driving force for prosperity and advancement. 

The Ways & Means

We use solution-focused, strength-based approaches to facilitate purposeful positive change. These approaches emphasize discovering, affirming, and enhancing the capabilities, interests, knowledge, resources, goals, and objectives of individuals and communities and using these in the pursuit of advancement goals and the enactment of change. Our approaches are characterized by an emphasis on capacity building for individuals, communities and institutions. Capacity building or capacity development is about transformations that empower individuals, organizations and societies, and starts from the principle that people are best empowered to realize their full potential when the means of development are sustainable – home-grown, long-term, and generated and managed collectively by those who stand to benefit.  For us, capacity development involves:

Our Philosophy & Perspectives

For Meru Oaks, technology and knowledge transfer for sustainable industry, innovation and advancement is not simply a matter of expanding access to material resources. Rather, it is an endeavor of structural and social transformation on individuals and communities. The magnitude of this mission calls for new ways of understanding individual human beings and society as a whole, and our synergy with all other life and the universe. It requires improved thinking about the future and new vantage points from which to explore challenges, assess realities, and imagine solutions.

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